Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philatelic Photograph: Supreme Court Building - Nassau, Bahamas

Supreme Court Building
Nassau, Bahamas

GPS: N25° 04.623; W077° 20.433

Short Description: 

The Bahamas Supreme Court Building is located behind the Senate Building in the center of Parliament Square.

South Side of Supreme Court Building

Long Description:

The Supreme Court of The Bahamas was established by the Supreme Court Act of 1896. The Supreme Court Building was completed in 1921 in the park-like area south of the older (1815) public building complex. The Neo-Georgian structure is similar in design to the Central Public Buildings. The building is painted pink with white trim and green shutters matching the older buildings. The most distinguishing feature is the portico entrance that has four doric columns and a circular window in the pediment.

The Supreme Court and the Magistrate's Court occupy the ground floor. The Registry, Jury Room, Chief Justice, Attorney General's Chambers, and the Law Library are on the second floor.

The stamp was issued by Bahamas in 1998 as part of a block of four stamps and a souvenir sheet, depicting various sights, issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of independence.

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