Monday, April 14, 2014

Philatelic Photograph: Parliament Square - Nassau, Bahamas

Parliament Square
Nassau, Bahamas

GPS: N25° 04.665; W077° 20.428

Parliament Square on Selvage of Sheet

Short Description: 

Parliament Square is located north of Bay Street between Parliament Street and Bank Lane in downtown Nassau.

Long Description:

The buildings in Parliament Square were constructed in 1815 by the Loyalists who fled to the Bahamas from the United States during the American Revolution. These three colonial style government buildings are painted a bright pink with white trim and green shutters.

The Bahamian Parliament includes a 16 member Senate and a 38 member House of Assembly. The westernmost building is the House of Assembly. This is where the Bahamian parliament meets. The building in the center is occupied by the Bahamian senate and the eastmost building houses the offices of the Leader of the Opposition. In the middle of the public square is a marble statue of Queen Victoria which was erected on her birthday May 24, 1905.
Queen Victoria

The stamp was issued by Bahamas on January 1, 1954 as the high value of a definitive series of 16 stamps depicting Bahamas sights.

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