Monday, April 21, 2014

Philatelic Photograph: Gregory Arch - Nassau, Bahamas

Gregory Arch
Nassau, Bahamas

N 25° 04.526 W 077° 20.621

Short Description: 

Gregory Arch is located on E. Hill Street as it crosses Market Street in Nassau.

Facing South

Long Description:

Gregory Arch is named in honor of John Gregory who was the Royal Governor from 1849 to 1854. This historic landmark was built in 1852 and separates downtown Nassau from the Over-the-Hill neighborhood of Grant's Town and Bain Town where most of Nassau's population lives.

The 20' high arch is carved out of the coral limestone that underlies much of the island. E. Hill Street is on top of the arch while Market Street passes underneath.

The stamp was issued by Bahamas in 1998 as part of a block of four stamps and a souvenir sheet, depicting various sights, issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of independence.

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