Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Philatelic Photograph: House of Assembly - Nassau, Bahamas

House of Assembly
Nassau, Bahamas

GPS: N25° 04.663; W077° 20.434

Short Description: 

The House of Assembly is located on Bay and Parliament Streets at the northwest corner of Parliament Square in downtown Nassau.

Long Description:

The General Assembly of the Bahamas was created by King George II at the behest of Governor Woodes Rogers. The first meetings of the general Assembly took place on September 29, 1729.

In the late eighteenth century thousands of American Loyalists and their slaves to the Bahamas emigrated to Nassau following the American Revolutionary War. These Loyalists soon became the majority population. They constructed the House of Assembly building at its present location in Parliament Square in 1815.

The two storey building exhibits colonial Neo-Georgian architecture. It is painted pink, has white trim and green shutters. It houses the 32 member members of parliament that are elected by the people of the country. On the left side of the stamp is a marble statue of Queen Victoria which was erected on her birthday May 24, 1905.

The stamp was issued in 2009 as the single stamp of a souvenir sheet commemorating the 60th anniversary of the commonwealth.

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