Tuesday, May 20, 2014

La Maison Française Art (east) - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

La Maison Française
(French Building)

GPS: N40° 45.483; W073° 58.654

Short Description: 

Three works of art adorn the east façade of La Maison Française (French Building) at  610 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Long Description: 

Friendship Between 
America and France
Alfred Janniot

The gilded allegorical panel by Alfred Janniot located above the door of La Maison Française celebrates the friendship between America and France. The female figures at the top represent Paris and New York City.  They are sitting on ships that represent trade between the two countries.  The Paris figure holds a model of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The skyscrapers of New York City are shown behind the other figure. Below are three female figures that represent Poetry, Beauty and Elegance. 

Gallic Freedom
Alfred Janniot

A heroic size polychrome limestone female figure, designed by Alfred Janniot and carved by the Piccirilli Brothers, represents French freedom. She is carrying a torch over her head in her left hand while her right arm is held downwards near a small oak tree. The figure is wearing the red cap assoicated with the french Revolution. Below is the slogan of the Revolution: Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

Pageant of French History
Rene Paul Chambellan

Four sculptures by Rene Paul Chambellan are located at the roof line of La Maison Française. They  represent the four phases of French history: The Roman Era (upper right), the unification of France (lower left),  French Monarchy (upper left), and the French Republic (lower right).

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