Saturday, May 17, 2014

Art Deco: Mankind Figures (Maiden and Youth) - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

Mankind Figures 
(Maiden and Youth)
by Paul Manship

GPS: N40° 45.514; W73° 58.694

Short Description: 

Mankind Figures (Maiden and Youth) are located between the Channel Gardens and the Sunken Plaza in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. 

Long Description:

Mankind Figures (Maiden and Youth) were created by Paul Manship and cast by the Roman Bronze Works as companion sculptures to his masterwork Prometheus. Each 8' high bronze sculpture was originally gilded and installed, in 1934, in the Sunken Plaza flanking the gilded sculpture Prometheus who, in Greek mythology, is credited with creating the first man and woman from clay. The Maiden and Youth, thus, represent the first humans.  The heroic-size figures are partial nude and are standing next to oversized representations of vegetation that evoke the foliage of the Garden of Eden.

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