Wednesday, May 21, 2014

La Maison Française Art (sides) - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

La Maison Française
(French Building)

Short Description: 

There are two side entrances to La Française Maison, from the Channel Gardens and 49th Street. Each has an intaglio relief sculpture carved above the door. A sterling silver model of a biplane is located in the Channel Gardens entrance lobby.

Long Description: 

Seeds of Good Citizenship
Lee Oscar Lawrie

GPS: N40° 45.523; W073° 58.664

Lee Oscar Lawrie recreates the classic image of The Sower (La Semeuse) above the Channel Gardens entrance to  La Française Maison. The intaglio sculpture is gilded and she stands on a curved gilded, green and brown base. 

Lee Oscar Lawrie

GPS: N40° 45.485; W073° 58.683

Three fleur-de-lis designs decorate a 49th Street entrance to the  La Française Maison. Each intaglio design is above a gilded crenellated base. 

Le Point d'Interrogation
(The Question Mark)
Cartier & Company

At the Channel Gardens entrance of La Maison Française is this sterling silver model of the biplane flown by Costes and Bellonte from LeBourget, France to Curtiss Field, New York in 1930, reversing the route that Lindbergh flew in 1927.  It was a gift of the Republic of France to Rockefeller Center.

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