Saturday, May 24, 2014

International Building Art (east) - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

International Building 

GPS: N40° 45.542; W073° 58.616

Short Description:

The International Building east façade at 630 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. 

Long Description:
Youth Leading Industry
Attilio Piccrilli

This 16' by 10' bas-relief allegorical sculpture is made of 45 cast Pyrex glass blocks. It depicts a young man on a chariot driven by a pair of horses with a draped figure running alongside who represents destiny. The horses and chariot represents empowerment,  industry, and transportation and the charioteer is guiding mankind into the future. 

 Commerce and Industry
with Caduceus
Attilio Piccrilli

The bas-relief depicts two heroic nude figures that symbolizes the activities of Industry and Commerce. On the left is the male who represents Commerce. He is kneeling to his left while looking straight ahead. His right hand rests on top of a handle of a sledgehammer. A drape is wrapped around each arm. Opposite him is a female figure representing Industry. She is kneeling to her right. Her right hand is holding a drape near her right shoulder. The drape extends down to cover her thighs. Her left hand is resting on a cog wheel. Between the figures is a caduceus, which is the symbol of the Mercury, the god of trade. The symmetrical maroon wings of the caduceus wrap around each figure. Gilded leaves top the sculpture.

Four Continents
Leo Lentilli

Four sculptures at the roofline of the International Building represent the four continents: Asia - Buddha Figure (upper left),  Europe - Neptune with Dolphins (upper Right), Africa -African in native Dress (lower left),  The Americas - Buffalo Head and Mayan Designs (lower right)

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