Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Art Deco Plaques: Dance, Drama, Song - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

Dance,  Drama, Song
by Hildreth M. Meiere

Radio City Music Hall Setting
GPS: N40° 45.587; W73° 58.801

Short Description

Dance, Drama, Song plaques are located on the  West 50th Street façade of the Radio City Music Hall east of 6th Avenue.

Long Description:

Dance, Drama, Song plaques were designed by Hildreth M. Meiere and fabricated by  Oscar Bruno Bach. They were installed on the outside of Radio City Music Hall in 1932.  Each plaque is a 18' diameter Polychrome enameled metal rondel,  gilded with gold and silver. They represent the three main functions of the theater.

Dance - A Roman soldier wearing a feathered helmet behind a partially draped female figure playing symbols.

Drama - A symmetrical female figure wearing a robe and an elaborate headdress. She is holding a robe which separates her for a pair of nude female figures. The figure on her right is holding a comedy theater mask and the one on the right is holding a drama theater mask.

Song - A partially draped female figure is prancing in front of a seated male figure who is playing a pair of pan flutes.

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