Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Deco Bas-Relief: Morning, Present, Evening - Rockefeller Center, NY, NY

 Morning, Present, Evening
 by Robert Garrison

GPS: N40° 45.616; W73° 58.804

Short Description:

Morning, Present, Evening are three allegorical Art Deco bas-relief sculptures located north of the entrance to the Radio City Music Hall at 1270 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

Long Description:

Morning, Present, Evening is a set of three 21' long Art Deco sculptures carved in limestone by Robert Garrison and installed in 1932 at 1270 6th Avenue in Manhattan. The sculptures represent the widespread presence, importance and power of radio. 

Morning - Panel on the right depicts a young man riding on the back of an eagle with his arms outstretched welcoming the rising sun. 

Present - The central panel a woman wearing a  robe and holding a torch in her right hand and an electrical bolt  in her left hand. She is soaring with the mythological winged horse, Pegasus. 

Evening - The left panel has a female figure riding on a swan. Her left arm is bent upright and her right arm is straight back. 

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