Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tour of the Bays of Huatulco: Oaxaca, Mexico

Bays of Huatulco
Oaxaca, Mexico

N 15° 45.265 W 096° 07.897

Short Description:

The Bays of Huatulco (Bahias de Huatulco) are a series of nine bays and numerous small coves stretching along 16 miles of jagged coastline. In the center is the Bay of Santa Cruz where the boat tour begins.

Long Description:

The boat tour leaves the harbor at Santa Cruz and takes visitors first east and then west along the bays. Along the way their are views of the rugged shoreline:

On top of highest point of land is the Huatulco Lighthouse:

A blowhole performs for visitors below the lighthouse: A blowhole forms when a sea cave erodes upward until if finally brakes through the surface.   Waves force water into the sea side opening and the water shoots out from the top like a geyser.

At the western most point of the tour, there is an uncanny sight. A rock formations near the shore clearly resembles a human face, complete with brow, eyes, nose, and mouth. He seems to be resting with his face propped against and adjacent rock. There is no land access to the Cara de Piedra, it can only be viewed by boat from the bay.

N 15° 43.726 W 096° 08.664

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