Sunday, May 3, 2015

Acapulco: Fort San Diego & Pedestrian Bridge

Fort San Diego & Pedestrian Bridge
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
(From the Cruise Ship Port to La Quebrada and Back)

N 16° 50.952 W 099° 54.212

To Fort San Diego

From Fort San Diego

Short Description: 

The Fort San Diego Bridge connects the Acapulco Cruise Ship Port to one of Acapulco's major attractions, Fort San Diego.

Long Description:

The cruise ship harbor is located adjacent to the Fort San Diego, one of Acapulco's most visited attractions. In order for cruise ship passengers to reach the Fort without crossing a busy thoroughfare and then climbing a steep hill, a pedestrian suspension bridge was constructed to connect the cruise ship port to the fort.

The steel bridge has two towers and with the deck supported by cables coming down from each of the towers. The bridge is about 175' long with a span of about 125' between the towers. An elevator in a small information center near the cruse ship port takes visitors from street level up two stories to the south end of the bridge. From there is is a short walk across busy Avenue Costera Miguel Aleman to the Fort Dan Diego.

Fort San Diego is located on top of a hill surrounded by cliffs overlooking the harbor, the fort was built in 1616 and rebuilt in its present appearance following an earthquake in 1776. The fort is shaped like a a five pointed star and it is surrounded by a (now dry) moat. It is Acapulco's major defensive bastion. Under colonial rule, the Fort was the staging area for the loading and unloading of the Manila Fleet, protecting this trade route link from Dutch and English pirates.

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