Thursday, May 21, 2015

Land's End - Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

A Trip Along Land's End
Cabo San Lucas 
Baja California Sur, Mexico

N 22° 52.606 W 109° 53.653
El Arco

Short Description: 

Lover's Beach, Map Rock (Neptune's Finger), El Arco, Pirate Cave, and Divorce Beach are the main site you will see as you travel by boat along Land's End.

Long Description:

For a small charge numerous water taxis will take you from the harbor of Cabo San Lucas south along the Baja Peninsula in a region known as Land's End.   Along the way you will see several famous landmarks such as: Lover's beach, Divorce Beach, Map Rock, and Pirates Cove. The most spectacular sight is the at the very tip of the rocky peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. There ocean currents and the winds have carved a natural arch that juts out into the sea. This iconic landmark has become the widely recognized symbol of the area.

Lover's Beach is a popular swimming location on the Sea of Cortez. The gap in the rocky hills connects it to Divorce Beach.

Map rock, a.k.a. Neptune's Finger is an upright rock that resembles an inverted map of Baja California.

El Arco (The Arch) is an iconic 200' foot high granite rock arch situated at the tip of the the Baja California peninsula formed by the erosive action of waves and wind.

Pirates Cave is a sea cave caused by the pounding of waves. It a popular rendevous spot for couples. A place where two people enter the cave and three people emerge.

Divorce Beach is on the Pacific Ocean side of Land's End. The currents are so dangerous that swimming is forbidden.

Whales are often seen around in the waters around Land's End

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