Saturday, May 16, 2015

Roadside Attraction: Big Cement Milk Bottle - Whately, MA

Big Cement Milk Bottle
Whately, MA

N 42° 26.625 W 072° 38.115

Short Description: 

The Big Cement Milk Bottle sculpture is located on Chestnut Plain Road in Whately.

Long Description:

On the front lawn of the Center School Office building, the Town of Whately has a 19' high replica of a Milk Bottle. The sculpture was designed by Frederick Uttley Wells and Lincoln Bond acted as contractor. The 3,000 pound Milk Bottle is constructed of reinforced concrete and has a cap made of folded canvas. The milk is not homogenized and cream is depicted in paint at the top of the bottle. The front of the bottle has a painted label. Within a circle is written QUONQUONT FARMS - CERTIFIED MILK - WHATELY, MASS. The back of the bottle has an entrance door on which is a small plaque. The plaque is inscribed:

Given to Whately Historical Society
Charles Selecious

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