Friday, May 15, 2015

Roadside Attraction: Ice Cream Lady Statue - Douglas, MA

Ice Cream Lady Statue
Douglas, MA

N 42° 03.592 W 071° 44.039

Short Description: 

The Ice Cream Lady statue is in the parking lot of the Family Convenience Store on 67 Main Street in Douglas, MA.

Long Description:

From this "waist" up this is a charming double scoop ice cream cone lady with a cheerful face, top hat, and arms. The legs, however, certainly make you look at it with wonder. This 10' high concrete sculpture no doubt uses the legs for support but it does give the figure an odd appearance.

A happy face is painted on the strawberry ice cream scoop. The lady has wide blue eyes with blue eye shadow and a smile on her ruby-red lips. She is wearing a top hat at a jaunty angle on the upper scoop of vanilla ice cream. Her arms are akimbo on the ice cream cone. The legs jut straight out from the lower third of the cone at an odd angle. She is pigeon toed and wearing black shoe boots.

The statue stands on a square concrete platform on top of a circular, dirt filled, rock wall.

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