Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bermuda: Unfinished Church - St. George, Bermuda

Unfinished Church
St. George, Bermuda

N 32° 23.022 W 064° 40.591

Short Description: 

The Unfinished Church is located on Government Hill Road about 900' north and uphill from King's Square in St. George Bermuda.

Long Description:

Construction on the Gothic Revival style Unfinished Church in St. George Bermuda began in 1874. It was designed by William Hay to seat 500 people and meant to be a replacement for St, Peter's Church which was so badly damaged in a storm that is was thought to be beyond repair. The church was never completed for a various reasons.

The community was split between those who wanted to build a new church and those wishing to restore St. Peters's Church. In 1884 the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Hamilton burnt down and funds were diverted to its restoration. In 1926 a hurricane destroyed the construction work completed to that point. Today, the ruins are a protected historic monument administered by the Bermuda National Trust and part of the St. George's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In December 2010 the Unfinished Church was closed to the public due to structural damage caused by weathering. Repair work was completed and the Unfinished Church was re-opened to the public in February 2003. During my visit in October 2014 the interior Unfinished Church was once again closed. Visitors can walk around and peer inside but cannot enter the grounds pending repair.

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