Friday, November 14, 2014

Bermuda: Cabinet Building - Hamilton, Bermuda

Cabinet Building
Hamilton, Bermuda

N 32° 17.579 W 064° 46.885

Short Description: 

The present day Cabinet Building was built to house the Colonial Secretariat. It is located at 105 Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Long Description:

The Cabinet Building is where the Bermuda Cabinet of Ministers and other top officials meet. The Premier and at least six other members of the Legislature comprise the Cabinet. The majority leader in the House of Assembly is appointed by the Governor to be the Premier who will nominate the other members to be on the Cabinet. The Cabinet is responsible for coordinating Government Departments, formulating policies and reports to the Legislature.

The Classical style Cabinet Building was designed in 1837 by an officer of the Royal Engineers serving in Bermuda. It opened in 1884 and was known as the Public Building. It housed the Customs Department, Treasury Department, and the Bermuda Library on the ground floor and the Council Room and the Secretariat on the upper floor. The Council and the Secretariat still hold their meeting in the Cabinet Building. In 1968, it became the office of Bermuda's Premier.

The stamp was part of a set of 18 definitive stamps issued from 1962 to 1965 each showing a scene from Bermuda.

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