Monday, November 3, 2014

Bermuda: Dunking Chair Reenactment - St. George, Bermuda

Dunking Chair Reenactment
St. George, Bermuda

N 32° 22.846 W 064° 40.602

Short Description: 

The reenactment of the dunking chair is performed for tourist at King's Square in St. George, Bermuda

Long Description:

The dunking chair was brought to Bermuda by English colonist who first landed on the islands in 1609. It was reserved for woman whose actions caused a breach of the peace in the community.

Unpaid actors in period costume demonstrate daily the use of the dunking chair, for tourists, at the harbor by King's Square in St, George while hundreds of people gathered around to watch. During my first visit in 2010, it was the mayor of St. George who officiated at the dunking. Dressed in elaborate blue and red brocaded robes, he orchestrated the event. On his orders, a chair at the end of a long lever bearing the sentenced woman, was lowered into the warm blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The woman was sentenced to being dunked in the chair for the crime of gossiping.

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