Thursday, July 3, 2014

Historic Marker: Boston Common Tablet - Boston, MA

Boston Common Tablet
Boston, MA

GPS: N42° 21.398; W071° 03.734
Short Description:

The Boston Common Tablet is located at the southeastern corner of Boston Common at Park and Tremont Streets.

Long Description: 

In 1634, the Massachusetts Bay Colony purchased land owned by William Blackstone to create a public training field and a common pasture for Boston’s cattle. British forces camped here before the Revolutionary War began with Battles of Lexington and Concord.  Cattle grazing continued until 1830 when the area became the oldest public park in the United States.

In 1913, R. Clipston Sturgis created this marble monument that recounts the history of the Boston Common. The tablet is inscribed:

Boston Common

In or about
the year of our Lord
One thousand six hundred
thirty and four
the then present inhabitants
of Sd Town of Boston of whom
the Honble John Winthrop Esqr
Govnr of the Colony was chiefe
did treate and agree with
Mr William Blackstone
for the purchase of his
Estate and rights in any
Lands lying within said
neck of Land called
after which purchase the
Town laid out a plan for
a trayning field which ever
since and now is used for
that purpose and for
the feeding of cattell

The deposition of John Odlin and others Concerning
the sale of Blackstone's land known as Boston Common

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