Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fountain: A Free Ride - Helsinki, Finland

A Free Ride
Helsinki, Finland

GPS: N60° 10.065;  E024° 57.002

Short Description: 

A Free Ride (Hei Vaan) Fountain is located in the north east part of the Esplanade Park in downtown Helsinki.

Long Description:

The original name for this bronze sculpture by Viktor Jansson was "Hei Vaan". The name translates as "A Free Ride" in English. This is one of two fountains commissioned by the City of Helsinki, created by Viktor Jansson, and placed in Esplanade Park. They were completed and cast in bronze 1940 and were unveiled on May 15, 1942.

A young boy of toddler age is sitting on the tail of a fish (appears to be a cod) with his hands and arms outstretched in an expression of joy. The fish is curved so that its head is near the boy's right hand. The fish shoots a jet of water over the boy's head into a rectangular pool.

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