Friday, October 11, 2013

Philatelic Photograph: Parliament Building Centre Block - Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Parliament Building Centre Block
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Topic: Philatelic Photographs

GPS: N45° 25.477; W075° 41.970

Quick Description: 

The Centre Block building is the largest of the Parliament Buildings. It is located on Parliament Hill on the south bank of the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Long Description:

The Gothic Revival style Centre Block was designed by Jean Omer Marchand and John A. Pearson. Construction began in 1916 after a fire destroyed a previous structure. The building is predominantly built of sandstone blocks with various types of stone use to trim the 550 windows. The building is sited between two other buildings, the West Block and the East Block, on top of a limestone hill on the north edge of Ottawa.

The Centre Block is six story building that is 472' long by 246' deep. In front of the symmetrical building is 302.5' tall Peace Tower which is both a clock and a bell tower.

The Center Block houses the House of Commons and Senate of Canada. It also contains the offices of members of parliament, senators, and senior administrators. Hall of Honour, the Memorial Chamber, and Confederation Hall are used on ceremonial occasions.

The stamp was issued by Canada on October 1, 1948 to commemorate the centenary of the government.

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