Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mural: Old Town Hall 1910 - Cornwall, ON, Canada

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Old Town Hall 1910
Cornwall, ON, Canada
Topic: Murals

GPS: N45° 01.182; W074° 43.785

Quick Description: 

The Old Town Hall 1910 mural is located at 272 Pitt Street on the 3rd Street West side of the building.

Long Description:

A heritage theme mural entitled The Old Town Hall 1910 was commissioned by the City of Cornwall, Ontario and created by Karole Margois in 1994. The 40' long by 20' high mural is painted on the side of a downtown business and fills most of the empty space on the brick wall.

The mural depicts a scene from Cornwall's past. Dignitaries, clergy, and a brass band are parading in front of the old town hall, which also housed the fire department and police station. A policeman watches, a lady carries a baby with her back towards the parade, a horse drawn fire wagon passes by on the right, and the scene is being photographed with a period camera mounted on a tripod. 

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