Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art In The Orchard #10: Death of Music - Easthampton, MA

Interesting Places I've Photographed
Death of Music
Art In The Orchard - 2013
Park Hill Orchard
Easthampton, MA
Topic: Allegorical Installation

GPS of Park Hill Orchard: N42° 17.127; W72° 41.685

Short Description: 

Death of Music by John P. Landino of Montague, MA  is an allegorical installation of a piano and an organ.

Artist Description: 

A piano is bound by ropes and chains and is suspended from a large tree. The organ is placed at the edge of a thicket. The organ has been exposed to the elements to hasten the slow destruction of the musical instrument.

"The Death of Music reflects my interest in exposing censorship in the music, radio and television industry today. I am concerned not only with the overt censorship, but the types of covert censorship that takes place in the media everyday. Artist do not conform to corporate media's expectations, whether it be physical appearance or political views., find it difficult to obtain contracts and denied the ability to expose their work to a larger audience. Pianos Bound, taken apart or left to deteriorate cannot make music!"

Valued at: $10,000

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