Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art In The Orchard #3: Shed (Camera Obscura) - Easthampton, MA

Interesting Places I've Photographed
Art In The Orchard - 2013
Park Hill Orchard
Easthampton, MA
Topic:  Camera Obscura
The Shed
Camera Obscura Set-up
Camera Obscura Projecting Image 
Inverted Image of Mount Tom
GPS of Park Hill Orchard: N42° 17.127; W72° 41.685

Short Description:

Camera obscura shed is constructed from wood and covered with re-purposed external mirrors by Maggie Nowinski of Easthampton, MA.

Artist Description:

"Shed ... is an enclosed post and lintel structure, an example of the most basic human made architectural form or shelter. Mirrors cover the exterior allowing the reflected environment to dictate its form. The sculpture explores the interaction between glaring visible structure and camouflaged harmony."

The interior of the structure incorporates a simple camera obscura which projects an inverted image of Mount Tom.

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