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Ski Jumps: Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumps - Lillehammer, Norway

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Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena
Lillehammer, Norway
Topic: Ski Jumps

GPS: N61° 07.525; E010° 29.157

Quick Description: 

The Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena was the ski jumping venue during 1994 Winter Olympics held in Lillehammar, Norway. It is all year around.

Long Description:

Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena was built in 1992 especially for the Winter Olympics of 1994. It is perhaps the most iconic symbol of these games. The jump area is located on a natural hill overlooking the town of Lillehammar. It has become a major tourist attraction of Norway.

The venue consists of two adjacent jumps, a large hill classified as HS138 and a normal hill with an HS100 classification. and a small hill, HS138 and HS100, respectively. The ski jumpers can be seen all year around, with jumping on snow cover during cold weather months and on a plastic ground cover the rest of the year. Approximately 80,000 jumps are made during the winter and about 20,000 during the summer.

A ski lift is used to reach the top of the slopes. A scoreboard, sound and lighting equipment, toilet facilities and spectator stands seating as many as 50,000 persons, are located near the base where there is a gift shop and refreshment stands.

Technical Data:
Active: yes
Height of the ski jump (feet): Large Hill = 449 feet; Small Hill = 367 feet
K-point (critical point): Large Hill = 123; Small Hill = 90
Hillsize-point: Large Hill = 138; Small Hill = 100
Date constructed: 1992
Public access: yes

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