Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roadside Attractions: Tree Trunk ATM - Greenfield, MA

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Tree Trunk ATM
Greenfield, MA
Topic: Roadside Attractions

GPS: N42° 35.184; W072° 37.503

Quick Description: 

This ATM in Greenfield, MA is not very well disguised as the stump of a giant redwood tree.

Long Description:

You can't help but notice this huge redwood tree stump in a shopping plaza off heavily travelled Route 2 (the Mohawk Trail) in north central Massachusetts. So, what is a redwood tree doing 3000 miles from home? The artificial GSB Money Tree is housing an ATM machine owned by the Greenfield Savings Bank, designed by the Holbek Group of Orange, MA, and cost $120,000.

This 25' high sculpture of a redwood stump is roughly sheared off at the top, hollowed out, and partially missing its bark. Its roots are exposed and growing around rocks. A pair of giant mushroom that grow out from the stump provides lighting and act as a rain shield for the ATP nestled within a hollow of the tree.

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