Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fountains: Great River Project Cascading Fountains - Westfield, MA

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Great River Project Cascading Fountains
Westfield, MA
Topic: Fountains

GPS: N42° 07.761; W072° 44.733

Quick Description: 

A cascade of fountains is located between the bridges that cross the Westfield River in Westfield, MA.

Long Description:

The construction of a new bridge, parallel to the older bridge, across the Westfield River along Route 10/202 was accompanied with a redevelopment of the area. On the slope between the bridges on the north side of the river a series of cascading fountains were constructed. They serve as the centerpiece of a new park.

The fountain complex has five elements arranged in a linear array. The water from circular fountain at the top of the slope flows down a series of steps. On occasion a stream of water shoots up and back from the cascade. The water reaches a large circular basin the bottom of which is lined with colorful river stones. The overflow from the basin flows down another series of steps, identical to the one above and finally into a larger circular fountain at the bottom.

The whole complex has a dramatic setting on the slope, between the bridges, enhanced by Westfield River cascading over as series of bare rocks in the background.

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  1. I love this photo and would like to use it...can you contact me?

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