Thursday, November 29, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: "Union" - Hartford, CT

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Hartford, CT
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
GPS: N41° 45.934; W072° 39.946

Quick Description: 

Union is the title of an abstract sculpture that celebrates Lincoln's commitment to preserve the Union. It's installed in the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk on the Founders' Bridge between Hartford and East Hartford, CT.

Long Description:

Sixteen abstract and traditional sculptures related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln are installed along the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk at Riverfront in Hartford and East Hartford.

Lincoln was inspired by the ideal of the founding fathers and was committed to preserve the Union. He believed that the great American experiment would collapse without the union of the states.

Union is a 2.5' high metal abstract sculpture resting on a pedestal. Two pieces, suggestive of hands, rise from the pedestal and form an inter-twined unit suggesting the re-joining of the states into a single interlocked whole.

A plaque containing a Lincoln quote and an explanation of Lincoln's beliefs in the preserving of the union is inscribed:

{Profile of Lincoln}
Walk at

{five wavy lines}

Peter Chinni, 2005

"We shall not only have saved the Union;
but we shall have so saved it, as to make and
to keep it, forever worthy of saving."

Lincoln was committed to the ideals of the country's
founding fathers, especially the principles established in
the Declaration of independence and the constitution.
Although he wanted to see slavery contained, during the
first two years of the war he maintained that saving the
Union was his first and foremost concern. Lincoln
believed that the united States was testimony to the idea
that people could govern themselves freely long term and
that slavery was the antithesis of democracy. After issuing
the Emancipation proclamation on new year's Day 1863,
he transformed the mission of the war from saving the
Union to one that extended freedom to the slaves.
Ultimately, Lincoln believed the union of the states and
freedom for all were indispensible to the great American

The Lincoln Financial is an insurance company based in Philadelphia with offices in Hartford.

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