Friday, November 2, 2012

Ships: U.S.S. Constitution - Charlestown, MA

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U.S.S. Constitution
Oldest Commissioned Warship Afloat
Charlestown, MA
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GPS: N42° 22.350; W071° 03.387

Quick Description: 

The Frigate U.S.S. Constitution is the world's oldest commissioned warship afloat. It is docked at the Charlestown (Boston) Navy Yard in Charlestown, MA

Long Description:

The Frigate U.S.S. Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned warship still afloat. In 1954, Congress passed and President Eisenhower signed a law to authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to repair, equip, and restore the U.S.S. Constitution to her original appearance and to maintain the ship in Boston, MA.

The U.S.S Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted frigate designed by Joshua Humphreys. It was launched in 1797 and it first saw action against the Barbary pirates during the First Barbary War. She gained her famous reputation during the War of 1812 by capturing numerous merchant ships and defeated five British warships: HMS Guerriere, Java, Pictou, Cyane and Levant. It was after she defeated the Guerriere that she was given the nickname of "Old Ironsides" and has won the favor of the American people ever since.

The ship is constructed of white pine, long-leaf pine, white oak, and southern live oak, a very dense wood. The ship's hull is 21 inches thick at a time when 18 inches was most common. She is 204 feet long and a 43 feet wide. Its copper bolts were forged by Paul Revere.

The ship's mission is to promote the United States Navy and America’s naval heritage through educational outreach, public access and historic demonstrations, in port and at sea. In view of this mission, the Constitution is open for free guided tours throughout the year. The tours are conducted by U.S. Navy sailors assigned to the USS Constitution.

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