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Abraham Lincoln: "Secession" - Hartford, CT

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"Secession" - Hartford, CT
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
GPS: N41° 46.119; W072° 40.045

Quick Description:

"Secession" is the title of an abstract mosaic mural located at the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk at Riverfront in Hartford, CT.

Long Description:

Sixteen abstract and traditional sculptures (including this mosaic) related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln are installed along the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk at Riverfront in Hartford and East Hartford. Lincoln Financial is an insurance company based in Philadelphia with offices in Hartford.

Soon after Lincoln was elected president several southern states seceded from the Union. These actions led directly to the Civil War during which Lincoln faced his greatest challenge - to preserve the union. This abstract mosaic by Virginia Seely and the Neighborhood Studios, symbolizes the fracturing of the Union and the conflict that ensued.

A nearby plaque contains a quote from Lincoln's 1858 House Divided Speech and interprets the mosaic. The plaque is inscribed:

{Profile of Lincoln}
Walk at

{five wavy lines}

Virginia Seeley/Neighborhood Studios, 2005

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

This mural was created by students in the Neighborhood
studios program under the tutelage of artist Virginia
Seeley. The jagged shape in the center represents South
Carolina which, in December 1860 shortly after Lincoln
won the presidential election, became the first state to
secede from the Union. The shape also suggests a soldier
with a bayonet. This shape is repeated six time in the
upper left corner, representing the six states that seceded
shortly after South Carolina. The four states that seceded
after the Civil War began in April 1861 are represented in
the lower left corner.. These eleven jagged shapes also are
aligned to suggest the left half of the Confederate flag.
The large star on the right represents the Union, and the
smaller stars and red and white stripes represent the Union
flag. The blue and gray colors represent the uniforms of
both armies and the red represents the blood spilt in battle.
The marbles throughout the mosaic represent bullets and
cannon balls.

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