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Sculptures of Springfield: Omiskanoagwiah, the Wolf People-Medicine Man

Omiskanoagwiah, the Wolf People-Medicine Man
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield

GPS: N42° 04.360; W072° 34.904

Quick Description: 

Omiskanoagwiah, The Wolf-People Medicine Man, a sculpture by Peter Wolf Toth, is located at the western entrance to Forest Park, in Springfield.

Long Description:

At the western entrance to Forest Park, in Springfield, there is a stylized bust of Omiskanoagwiah, the Wolf-People Medicine Man. It is carved from a single log by the Hungarian born sculptor, Peter Wolf Toth. It is part of the Trail of the Whispering Giant series of more than sixty sculptures that have been created to honor native Americans. There is at least one sculpture has been donated to every state and several Canadian provinces.

Omiskanoagwiah wears a wolf-head headdress with three feathers, a large one flanked by two smaller ones. He has long hair over his shoulders and wears an ornament below his neck. His face is stained red, the rest is stained black. At the bottom of the statue is the carving of a turtle. The sculpture is mounted upon a base made of cemented rocks. A plaque on the front is inscribed:

The Trail Of The
Whispering Giants

Wolf-People Medicine Man

Dedicated to the:
Pioneer Valley Indians

Peter Wolf Toth

Richard E. Neal

City of Springfield
Park Commission

Joseph J. Deliso, Jr.

November 18, 1984

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