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Sculptures of Springfield: Reaching Woman II

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Reaching Woman II
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield

GPS: N42° 06.420; W072° 35.177

Quick Description: 

The Reaching Woman II  sculpture is located in Armoury Commons Park near downtown Springfield.

Long Description:

Armoury Commons is a residential complex located near downtown Springfield. Adjacent to the buildings is a small pocket park. The bronze Reaching Woman sculpture is now located in the north corner of this park. The neighborhood has a somewhat shady reputation. It seems safe enough during the day but it is not advisable to be there after dark.

Reaching Woman is the creation of sculptor Lu Stubbs. It was a bicentennial gift to the people of Springfield and originally placed in Pynchon Park Plaza on Main Street in downtown Springfield.

A figurative semi-abstract representation of a nude female, from the upper thighs up, rests on a granite base. Her arms a truncated at the elbows and raised above her head. Her head is tilted upward.
he 41" by 15" by 10" figure is placed on a cubic granite base 36" on a side. The work was copyrighted in 1976 and unveiled on May 23, 1977. A plaque on the top of the base is inscribed.

Bicentennial Gift
To the people of Springfield

"Reaching Woman"
sculpted by Lu Stubbs

Donated by Women's Division
Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

May 23, 1977



June 7, 2001

Women's Partnership
Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield

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