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Sculptures of Springfield: Civil War Monument (Court Square)

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Civil War Monument (Court Square)
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield

GPS: N42° 06.089; W072° 35.305

Quick Description: 

A 30' high Civil War Monument dominates the eastern part of Court Square in downtown Springfield.

Long Description:

At the east end of Court Square is a Civil War Monument by the prolific sculptor Melzar Hunt Mosman. A 6' by 2' by 2' figure of a Civil War soldier is placed on top of an ornate 30' high granite pedestal. He is dressed in period uniform and stands upright with his rifle held vertically and centered in front of him. His left wrist is on top of the barrel and his right hand grasps the middle of the barrel. His left foot is slightly forward and extends over the bronze base.

Bands with bronze lettering containing the names of Civil War battles encircle the base. A plaque is set into recesses below the bands:

Clockwise from the front:




An eagle with spread wings holding arrows sits on top a shield inscribed U.S.A. which is surrounded by flags, swords, bayonets and cannons.


Mine Run

Plaque inscription:

Springfield furnished in
the war of the rebellion
two thousand four hun-
dred and eighty five
soldiers and sailors.
The greater part of
whom enlisted in the 10th
27th 37th & 46th regiments.
They served with credit and honor
and the survivors returning to the
walks of peaceful life. Cherishing
the memory of their comrades who
fell. Dedicate this monument to
perpetuate their memory amid
the homes they died to save
May the memory of the patriot dead
be the inspiration of posterity.


Fair Oaks

Plaque inscription:

Erected in honor
of all who died
on land or sea
in defence of our
The memory of their
heroic sacrifices must
be forever sacred
Presented by
M.H.Mosman Designer.



Plaque inscription:

To the memory
of the men of Springfield
who died for their country
in the war of the rebellion
1861 - 1865
"It is for us to be here
dedicated to the great task remaining
before us: that from these honored dead
we take increased devotion to that cause
for which they gave the last full measure
of devotion: that we here highly resolve
that these dead shall not have died in vain;
that the nation shall, under God, have a
new birth of freedom, and that government
of the people, by the people, for the people,
shall not perish from the earth."
A. Lincoln. 

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