Friday, September 28, 2012

Sculptures of Springfield: Civil War Soldiers Monument

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Civil War Soldiers Monument 
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield

GPS: N42° 06.106; W072° 34.537

Quick Description: 

The Civil War Soldiers Monument is located in Springfield Cemetery.

Long Description:

The Springfield Cemetery has a section reserved for Civil War veterans. In the middle of a group of granite Civil War headstones there is a 10' high sculpture of a Civil War soldier standing on an ornate 10' by 5' by 5' base.

The sculpture depicts a bearded soldier wearing a Union uniform, including a cap and a long coat. He is standing with his rifle held vertically in front of him with his left wrist resting on the top of the rifle barrel. The sculpture is installed on a square granite base adorned with angular architectural elements on the sides and leaf pattern around the top. The front contains a bas relief sculpture of an olive branch.

The sculpture was cast by the M. J. Power Bronze Foundry in about 1880. The sculptor is unknown.

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