Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sculptures of Springfield: Classical Fragments

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Classical Fragments 
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield 

GPS: N42° 06.815;W72° 33.426
 Short Description: 

The Classical Fragments are located on the campus of American International College outside the Karen Sprague Cultural Arts Center on State Street in Springfield.

 Long Description:

Easily seen as you drive eastbound on State Street, Classical Fragments consist of a 5' high by 4' wide arrangement of  three sections of a large, fluted, ionic, marble column set on a 6" high and 5' square  concrete platform. The fragments are of different sizes. The smallest fragment is a 3' high section of fluted column standing vertically. The next piece is similar to the first but slightly longer. It is set at an angle on a concrete base so that it leans against the tallest fragment, which is 5' high and contains the capital of an ionic column.

The capital is square with intricately carved spiraling scrolls at each corner. Just below on the circular column above the fluting is a repeating garland design. Between the spirals, on three sides, there is a ornamental design. The fourth side shows a human face.

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