Monday, September 10, 2012

Sculptures of Springfield: The Three Graces

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The Three Graces
Springfield, MA
Topic: Sculptures of Springfield

GPS: N42° 04.564; W072° 34.838

Quick Description:

The Three Graces sculpture is located on at the Barney Mausoleum in Forest Park.

Long Description:

The Three Graces are the mythological daughters of Zeus, traditionally named Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia. They represent the three charities of mirth (festivity), splendor (beauty), and joy (rejoicing).

According to mythology, the Three Graces wove Aphrodite's robe and attended to Aphrodite upon her returned to the island of Kypros (Cyprus) by bathing, anointing and dressing her so she could resume her romantic relationships.

Many artists have depicted these three encircled figures. At the Barney Mausoleum there is a polished granite column with a representation of The Three Graces at its apex. The three figures are shown back to back holding hands. Each has their hair drawn back into a bun and wearing a robe that exposes their breasts.

The column was erected by ice skate manufacturer Everett Barney to honor the memory of his son. Around the lower part of the column are four bronze bas relief panels created by sculptors Beattie & Brooks representing the four stages of life - “Happy Childhood”, “Youthful Dreams”, “Sturdy Manhood”, and “Life’s Decline”.

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