Sunday, July 12, 2015

Victim of the RMS Titanic: Luigi Gatti (#313) - Halifax, NS, Canada

Luigi Gatti
Halifax, NS

N 44° 39.556 W 063° 37.387

Short Description: 

Luigi Gatti is buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the à la Carte Restaurant Manager on the RMS Titanic and died during the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Long Description:

Gaspare Antonino Pietro (Luigi) Gatti, 36, was born in Montalto Pavese, Italy on January 3, 1875.  He moved to Great Britain and married a British national. In London, he operated two exclusive restaurants, the Gatti's Adelphi and the Gatti's Strand. He was recruited to operate the The Ritz on the RMS Titanic. This was a  very expensive optional extra dining venue for the exclusive use of the First Class passengers.  Mr. Gatti was responsible for the complete administration of the restaurant and all restaurant employees were employed directly by him. Luigi Gatti died when the RMS Titanic sank after striking and iceberg east of Nova Scotia on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to NY, NY.

 Luigi Gatti's remains (#313) were recovered by the cable ship Minia and brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he was buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery. He was 36 years old.

A small granite headstone marks his grave. It is inscribed:

APRIL 15, 1912

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