Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Human Migration Monument: The Emigrant - Halifax, NS, Canada

The Emigrant
Halifax, NS

N 44° 38.486 W 063° 34.008

Short Description: 

"The Emigrant" is a monument that honors those who left their homes to find a new life in Canada. It is located on the Harborwalk near Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Long Description:

The Halifax Port Authority erected the bronze and marble monument called the “The Emigrant,” which is installed on Halifax Seaport district a short distance from Pier 21, where thousands of people first landed in Canada from foreign countries seeking a better life.

The monument depicts a man wearing a suit and fedora hat leaving his home country with a single piece of luggage as he steps off a pier onto the deck of a ship. A bas relief sculpture in the back of the monument has a vignette of a woman carrying a baby and holding the hand of a small child who is waving goodbye. A bell tower in the background is indicative of the old country.

A bronze plaque in front of the monument is inscribed in English, French and Italian:


The pain of separation he overcame, 
with faith and hope his heart aflame...

La souffrance de la separation il a surmontée, 
le coeur brûlant de foi d' espérance...

Vinse il dolor della lontananza, 
spinto dalla fede e dalla speranza...

Created by Sculptor
and donated by his family to the:

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

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