Saturday, June 27, 2015

Abstract Sculpture: The Way Things Are - Halifax, NS, Canada

"The Way Things Are"
Halifax, NS, Canada

N 44° 38.624 W 063° 34.065

Short Description:

 "The Way Things Are" is comprised of three anthropomorphic street lamps. One pair is called "Got Drunk, Fell Down" and the third is called "Fountain." The abstract composition is located along the  Harborwalk in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Long Description:

Canadian artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg created these three 181-kilogram, green, steel lampposts in the AWS metal fabrication shop in Brooklyn, NY in 2012. This three-part work was intended to suggest the rowdy behavior displayed by of some people along the Halifax waterfront.

The diptych called "Got Drunk, Fell Down" has one lamppost lying on the ground while the other is standing and looking over it, apparently out of concern or disgust. The third piece called "Fountain" stands over the edge of the pier in a posture that is meant to suggests it's performing a necessary biological function.

The street lamps are operational and are lit at night.

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