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Women's Rights: Mary Ann and Thomas M’Clintock - Seneca Falls, NY

Women's Rights 
Mary Ann and Thomas M’Clintock
Seneca Falls, NY

N 42° 54.637 W 076° 48.010

Short Description: 

Statues of Mary Ann and Thomas M’Clintock located on the first floor of the Women's Rights National Historic Park at 136 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY.

Thomas M'Clintock
Mary Ann M'Clintock

Long Description:

Statues of Mary Ann and Thomas M’Clintock are part of the sculptural group "The First Wave" that contains sculptures of 19 early supporters of women's rights movement.

Mary Ann M’Clintock and her husband Thomas M'Clintock were Quakers living in Philadelphia early in the 19th century. They had four daughters and a son. By 1833, Mary Ann M’Clintock, along with Lucretia Mott became founding members of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society.

In 1836 the family moved to Waterloo, New York, where her half-sister lived. They became joined other local Quaker abolitionists, including Richard and Jane Hunt and George and Margaret Pryor.

In 1842, they attended the annual convention of the American Anti-Slavery Society in Rochester, NY where Both Thomas and Mary Ann became founding members of the Western New York Anti-Slavery Society along with Frederick Douglass, Jane and Richard Hunt, Isaac and Amy Post, George and Margaret Pryor.

On July 9, 1848, Mary Ann became an organizer of the First Woman’s Rights Convention. She, along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, drafted the Declaration of Sentiments that was read, discussed, and ratified in the Wesleyan Chapel. The couple also founded the Progressive Friends also known as the Friends of Human Progress.

Life size bronze statues of Mary Ann and Thomas M’Clintock were sculpted by Lloyd Lillie. They stand at ground level along with other members of the First Wave. Both are dressed in period clothing. Thomas is standing to the right of Mary Ann. he is wearing a long frock coat, vest, and top hat. He is supporting himself with a cane in his right hand. Mary Ann has her right hand in Thomas' left arm and looking up at him. She is wearing a hair bonnet, shawl, high collared blouse, and a long dress with a belt around her waist.

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