Friday, October 24, 2014

Bermuda: Figurative Sculpture - Against Da Tide - Hamilton, Bermuda

Against Da Tide
Hamilton, Bermuda

N 32° 17.492 W 064° 47.202

Short Description: 

The sculpture "Against Da Tide" is located in front of the HSBC bank building on Front Street in Hamilton,

Long Description:

“Against Da Tide” was created by Bermudian sculptor Bill Mussey Ming and sponsored by HSBC (Bermuda). The 6' long by 4' high bronze sculpture depicts six men sitting in a small boat. One man is facing the others while calling out a cadence in a small megaphone. The other five are pulling on a rope. The last figure is a fantasy figure that is also part of the boat. The boat is raised high in the water atop of two waves. The sculpture rests on an oval bronze plinth which is placed on a circular 2' high concrete table.

A bronze plaque contains a poem, in dialect, by the artist that provided the meaning of the sculpture:

Against Da Tide

On dis boat of optimism/hope
Sit a crew linked by a rope
With courage n pride
'gainst da tide dey ride
...Holding steady n pullin together
Makin it thru stormy weather
Even dis ill wind
Couldn't alter their course
Because dis vessel's for u-u-n/yours
For 'gainst da tide
Is a metaphor
for survival

Bill Mussey Ming

The rest of the plaque gives information about the sculpture:

This Sculpture
"Against Da Tide"

to the 
City of Hamilton

29 March 2011

HSBC Bank Bermuda


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