Monday, October 27, 2014

Bermuda: Four K6 Red Telephone Boxes - Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Parish, Bermuda

Four K6 Red Telephone Boxes
Royal Naval Dockyard
Sandys Parish, Bermuda

N 32° 19.614 W 064° 50.029

Short Description: 

A row of four K6 type red telephone boxes are located near Maritime Lane outside the National Museum of Bermuda and across from the Visitors Center.

Long Description:

Ever popular with cruise ship visitors, these K6 red telephone boxed are easily seen as you make your way from the wharf area to the Dockyard buildings. Due to the sub-tropical climate of Bermuda the doors have been removed to prevent overheating within the telephone boxes. Also, the original phones have been replaced with more modern ones.

On our first visit to Bermuda they were aligned along Maritime Lane. Now they are a few feet away in a small park.

The manufacturer's plaque on the rightmost telephone box is accessible. it is inscribed:


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