Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coastal Lighthouse: Hog Island Lighthouse - Nassau, Bahamas

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Hog Island Lighthouse
Nassau, Bahamas
Topic: Coastal Lighthouse

GPS: N25° 05.224; W077° 21.107

Quick Description: 

Hog Island Lighthouse is familiar sight to anyone entering or leaving Nassau, Bahamas by ship.

Long Description:

Thousands of people each day photograph this lighthouse as their cruise ship approaches or leaves Nassau. It's located in Nassau Harbor north of New Providence Island on the western end of Paradise Island. At one time Paradise Island was called Hog Island. The name was changed to make it more appealing to tourist visiting the Atlantis Hotel and Casino, in the background, which occupies the eastern end of the island.

Technical Data for Hog Island Lighthouse:

Nearest Town or City: Nassau Bahamas
Location: Entrance to Nassau Harbor.
Description Tower: White conical tower.
Operational: Yes
Date Established: 1817
Current Use: Active aid to navigation.
Open To Public: No.
Characteristic Range: Flashing red visible for 13 nautical miles.
Date Automated: 1958
Alternate Name1: Paradise Island Lighthouse
Alternate Name2: Nassau Harbor Lighthouse
Country: Bahamas

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