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1000 Places To See Before You Die: Anne Frank House - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Anne Frank House
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Topic: 1000 Places To See Before You Die
View from Narrow Sidewalk
View From Canal Boat - Anne Frank House at Center ; Anne Frank Museum at Right

GPS: N52° 22.517 E004° 53.042

Quick Description: 

The house in which Anne Frank was concealed from the Nazis during World War II is located at Prisengracht 263 in Amsterdam.

Long Description:

A nondescript house on Prisengracht 263 is one of the most visited sites in Amsterdam. In this house Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, (born 12 June 1929), was hidden during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. The world would know little of her life but for the diary she kept while hidden in the secret annex of this house. Anne had hoped to write a novel about her experiences but she was discovered and arrested before she could fulfill her wish. She was transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died of typhus in March 1945, another Jewish victim of the Holocaust.

Her diary was discovered by her surviving father, Otto Frank, soon after the war. He saw that it was published and it soon became an international best-seller. Thus, her story has become widely known and has been the basis for several plays and films, most notably 1959 film "The Diary of Anne Frank".

For most, a visit to the Anne Frank House is a moving experience. The atmosphere is solemn and respectful. Photography is not allowed. Only a limited number of people can be accommodated in the house at one time, so lines to get in tend to be long. Tickets, however, may be purchased in advance on-line.

The Anne Frank Museum is next door at Prisengracht 267. There you can learn more about the life of Anne Frank. The museum created educational content and offers programs in the hope of expanding tolerance, understanding and respect among people.

Name of Source Book: 1000 Places To Visit Before You Die
Page Location in Source Book: 239
Location of Coordinates: In front of the house - Prisengracht 263 

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