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Statue of an Historical Figure: Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller - Central Park, NY, NY

Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller
Central Park

N 40° 46.390 W 073° 58.303

Short Description: 

A monument honoring German poet, historian, and playwright Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller is located in the upper part of The Mall in Central Park, New York City.

Long Description:

A 4' by 8" by 6.5" bronze bust of Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller is set on a 12.5' by 7.25' by 3' pink granite base. Schiller is depicted from the bare upper chest and shoulders. He has long wavy hair that extends down to his shoulders and is looking straight ahead with piercing eyes.

The sculpture was created by C.L. Richter and installed and dedicated in Central Park on Dedicated Nov. 9, 1859. The front of the base is inscribed:



Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller was born in Marbach am Neckar, Württemberg, Germany on November 10, 1759. He attended He entered the Karlsschule Stuttgart military academy in 1773 where he studied medicine. While at school he was influenced by the writings of Rousseau and Goethe.

In 1781 he published his first play The Robbers (Die Räuber). Other plays by Schiller include:

Fiesco (Die Verschwörung des Fiesco zu Genua)
Intrigue and Love (Kabale und Liebe) 
Don Carlos
The Wallenstein trilogy: Wallenstein's Camp, The Piccolomini, and Wallenstein's Death 
Mary Stuart (Maria Stuart) 
The Maid of Orleans (Die Jungfrau von Orleans)
The Bride of Messina (Die Braut von Messina)
William Tell (Wilhelm Tell)

Schiller is regarded as the "poet of the people". His dedication to human rights prompted the French to make him a citizen in 1792. His most famous poem An die Freude (Ode to Joy) became the basis for the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony. Other poems include:

Der Taucher (The Diver)
Die Kraniche des Ibykus (The Cranes of Ibykus)
Der Ring des Polykrates (Polycrates' Ring)
Die Bürgschaft (The Hostage)
Das Lied von der Glocke (Song of the Bell)
Das verschleierte Bild zu Sais (The Veiled Statue at Sais)
Der Handschuh (The Glove)

Johann Christoph Friedrich Von Schiller died in Weimar, Germany on May 9, 1805 at age 45.

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