Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Figurative Sculpture: Eagles and Prey - Central ParK, NY, NY

Eagles and Prey
Central Park

N 40° 46.351 W 073° 58.350

Short Description: 

The Eagles and Prey sculpture is located in the northern part of The Mall in Central Park, New York City.

Long Description:

Eagles and Prey is a 6' by 6' by 3.5' bronze sculpture set on a 6.75' by 6.5' square granite base. The sculpture depicts a pair of eagles with outspread wings attacking a goat that is trapped between rocks. The sculpture was created by Christophe Fratin and was cast in 1850. It was given to New York City by Gordon Webster Burnham and installed in Central Park in 1863.

The base of the statue is inscribed:


The Eagles and Prey sculpture is the oldest known sculpture in any New York City park. It depicts the violent nature of the natural world. Initially it was thought to be inconsistent with the calm natural beauty of Central Park but it is acclaimed for it's incredible attention to detail. The sculpture has a rich surface texture and accurate anatomical detail.

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