Sunday, April 24, 2016

Zippy the Pinhead Location: Papa Joe's Fireworks Elephants - Hardeeville, SC

Papa Joe's Fireworks Elephants
"Tickling the Ivories"
Hardeeville, SC

N 32° 16.152 W 081° 04.779

Short Description: 

A pair of life size elephants, one pink and one gray, stand outside the Papa Joe's Fireworks store at 15794 Whyte Hardee Blvd, Hardeeville, SC

Long Description:

The unmistakable sign that you are in South Carolina and near the border with a neighboring state are the ubiquitous stores selling fireworks. Papa Joe's Fireworks not only has a prime location near the first northbound exit on I-95 in Hardeeville, South Carolina but also an eye-catching pair of life-size African elephants that draw motorists to the parking lot and maybe into the store.

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