Monday, April 11, 2016

Roadside Attraction/Zippy the Pinhead - Winsted Diner & Hot Dog Statue - Winsted, CT

Winsted Diner
Hot Dog Statue
Winsted, CT

N 41° 55.279 W 073° 04.416

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Short Description: 

An anthropomorphic hot dog in a bun stands outside the tiny Winsted Diner at 496 Main Street in the Winsted section of Winchester, CT. Zippy visited this location on October 15, 2005.

Long Description:

Both the Diner and the Hot Dog statue are the attraction in this location. The tiny standalone diner is tucked into a space between larger buildings on both sides. The diner is a popular place for breakfast and lunch but can only seat about 20 customers.

The humanoid hot dog stands east of the entrance to the building. The painted wooden hot dog is wrapped in a bun and dabbled with mustard. The hot dog has a silly face with big eyes and a huge grin. It has its right hand over its right chest. The left arm is missing.

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