Friday, April 22, 2016

Roadside Attraction/Zippy the Pinhead Location: Giant Needle and Button - NY, NY

Giant Needle and Button
"Hook-Up Hang-Up"
New York, NY

N 40° 45.248 W 073° 59.291

Quick Description: 

The Giant Needle and Button is located in the center of the Fashion District at 7th Avenue and 39th Street in Manhattan.

Long Description:

The area from 5th and 9th Avenues and between 34th and 42nd Streets was once known throughout the world as the Garment District. As the original businesses close the area is redefining itself as the Fashion District.

In the heart of the Fashion District, on the northeast corner of Seventh Avenue and West 39th Street, is located the Fashion Center Business Improvement District Information Kiosk. Leaning against and above the kiosk is a 31' long needle being threaded through a 15' diameter button. The needle and button were designed by Pentagram Architectural Services and built in the late 1990s. They are symbolic of the garment industry for which the district is named.

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