Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zippy The Pinhead Location: Anthropomorphic Frogs, Frog Pond, Boston Common - Boston, MA

Anthropomorphic Frogs
at the
Frog Pond in the Boston Common
"Prayer Circle"
Boston, MA

N 42° 21.363 W 071° 03.902

Short Description: 

Two anthropomorphic frogs are located at the east end of the Frog Pond on the Boston Common in Boston, MA.

Long Description:

Bronze frogs, performing human tasks, are located by the Frog Pond in Boston Common, Boston, MA. Sculptor David Phillips created these beloved whimsical bronze frogs in 2002. Both are named and engaged in a human activity.

Tommy is fishing in the frog pond. He is sitting on on a cooler with his left foot forward while holding a fishing rod in his right hand. His left hand is holding the fly reel on to pole. On his right side are a can of worms. The worms have big eyes and are upright. One is escaping from the can.

A plaque on the cooler is inscribed:


Angela is Tommy's fishing companion. She is sitting on a square block and seems to be in deep thought. Her right hand is by her right cheek and her left hand is between her legs.

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